b'YEAR IN REVIEWADVOCACY CHILD SAFETY Vicsport continued to provide leadership advocacy for the ongoing implementation of the Child Safe Standards in sport and recreation settings. This included the promotionof the Child Safe Sport resource hub on the Vicsport website, advice and support to professionals and volunteers by phone, email or face-to-face meetings,It is critical for every presentations and Q&A at industry and club development forums and thesporting organisation promotion of key child safeguardingto understand messages to the industry. what is required to An industry forum was held on 4 December, 2019 atmaintain the health Life Saving Victoria to update members on legislative requirements from the Commission for Children andand well-being of the Young People, insights from child safety experts intochildren involved.developing a child safe action plan and tips for engaging and empowering children. A total of 66 people attendedIt is also important to including 27 from SSAs, 11 from NSOs, 1 from an LGA and 27 from other groups such as clubs, leagues andpush your company government agencies.Vicsports work in 2019-20 included a review of our child safeforward and embrace resources, incorporating recommendations around traininghaving everyone programs and opportunities for Vicsport to assist the sportsunderstand these industry with child safeguarding. Two online surveys were used to gather insights from the industry: ies whichrequirements for A survey for SSAs, RSAs and peak sport bod the betterment ofreceived 44 responses in March and April 2020.A survey for sport clubs, leagues and associations whichyour sporting andreceived 786 responses in May and June 2020.Vicsport engaged Laura Johnston of People, Integrityworkplace culture. & Culture Consulting to undertake the review, provide recommendations addressing training opportunities and develop new child safeguarding resources to benefit2019 CHILD SAFE SPORTVicsport members. FORUM TESTIMONIALVicsport continues to take a collaborative approach to developing child safe strategies and resources for Victorian sport. Small group workshops, originally planned to be held face-to-face, were moved to Zoom due to the COVID-19 restrictions and child safe workshops run for member organisations were delivered via Zoom, utilising additional online tools such as Google Documents and Miro.06'