b'ORGANISATION SUPPORTAn ongoing fundamental role of VicsportIn 2019-20, this support included facilitating strategic reviews, developing plans and policies and building the is to provide strategic support tocapacity and capability of organisations, particularly through Victorian sport organisations funded bythe early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak. Vicsport worked SRV and VicHealth. with the following organisations in 2019-20:PROJECT PARTICIPATING ORGANISATIONS PROJECT PARTICIPATING ORGANISATIONSBuilding 25 attendees comprise of: Vicsport Talks 367 attendees comprise of:Effective12 SSAs (2 events, 98 SSAsBoards 4 stakeholder organisations 1 webinar) 13 RSAs3 NSOs 30 LGAsGovernance2 clubs 35 NSOs4 other organisations 50 stakeholder organisations11 Leagues & AssociationsMPIO128 attendees comprise of: 30 clubsNetwork80 SSAs 100 other organisationsMeetings 9 RSAs2 LGAs Doing Sport127 attendees comprise of:(2 meetings) 7 NSOs Differently26 SSAsVICHEALTH FUNDED8 stakeholder organisations 1 RSAs5 Leagues & Associations 2019 40 LGAs10 clubs (2 events) 4 NSOs7 other organisations 14 stakeholder organisations3 Leagues & AssociationsChild Safe66 attendees comprise of: 13 clubsSport Forum29 SSAs 26 other organisations1 LGAs9 NSOs Doing Sport783 attendees comprise of:SRV FUNDED14 stakeholder organisations Differently169 SSAs6 Leagues & Associations 2020 36 RSAs4 clubs 61 LGAs3 other organisations (3 webinars) 38 NSOs85 stakeholder organisationsChild Safe38 attendees comprise of: 31 Leagues & AssociationsGroup30 SSAs 197 clubsMeetings2 RSAs 166 other organisations3 NSOs(3 meetings) 3 stakeholder organisations VicsportCity of CaseyInnovationCity of Greater DandenongVicsportBasketball Victoria Lab Projects Ice Sports VictoriaGuiding Brimbank City CouncilSport City of CaseyCity of KingstonDeaf Sport Recreation VictoriaIce Sports VictoriaKarate Victoria Knox City CouncilPony Club Victoria Rowing Victoria Squash & Racquetball VictoriaTable Tennis VictoriaUltimate Victoria Victorian Weightlifting Association IncVolleyball Victoria13'