b'ORGANISATION SUPPORTVICSPORT GUIDING SPORT PROJECTS Squash & Racquetball VictoriaReview the current format of squash and racquetballcompetitions and programs to modernise the value The following projects were selected byproposition of both sports.Vicsport and SRV through an ExpressionTable Tennis Victoriaof Interest process in December 2019.Using a human centred design process to engagethe large base of casual table tennis players and The projects will continue for 18 monthsdevelop ideas for new digital products to expand TTVs through to June 2021. Successfulaudience.organisations receive consultationUltimate Victoriasupport from Vicsport for a low fee ofStrengthen and support UV affiliated clubs by10% of the total project value. understanding their development requirementsReview the membership and participation opportunitiesDeaf Sports Recreation Victoria available to clubsGovernance development support to understand Volleyball Victoria existing practices in deaf sport clubs and the provisionReview the current child safe sport practices in place of support and resources to improve strategic planning, roles and responsibilities of committees. within Volleyball Victoria and provide guidance to inform and resource affiliates in implementing the Ice Sports Victoria Victorian Child Safe Standards Weightlifting VictoriaSupport to ensure that all four sports boards under the umbrella of ISV achieve and maintain the 40% WomenDevelop a Competitions Strategy looking at issues such on Boards Quota.Succession planning for the ISV board. as fees, competition viability, attracting and recruiting volunteers & officials and inclusion.Karate Victoria Develop strategic plan for 2020-2024 CONSULTANCY PROJECTS COMPLETED: Review and develop governance policies andprocedures for the Executive Committee Surfing Victoria Develop board policiesPony Club Victoria Understanding the needs of members and developing Review operating policiesstrategies to increase the participation of boys who areField & Game Australiaunderrepresented in membership. Board Skills Audit Rowing Victoria Develop board policiesDevelop a framework that captures and measuresVictorian Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association the broad role that rowing has in the community, byGovernance Health Check & Action Plan assessing the economic, social and environmental impacts of rowing in Victoria.12'