b'CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS MESSAGEThis has undoubtedly been the most interesting and challenging year in myVicsport has also been working with sports, RSAs and LGAs on other projects including: LGA Forums, bespoke projects sport administration career. The yearin governance, strategic planning and child safe as well as started with success and growth fornetworking and education events. Vicsport in terms of new events and In the past year we have started some special interest member interaction. Then, in March,groups in order to support the industrythese have been in we were hit by COVID-19 and while thethe areas of finance, coaching, marketing, junior sport and Vicsport core business has continued,child safety. albeit in a different way, there has beenThe 2019 Victorian Sport Awards, recognising performances plenty of extra work and challengesand contributions during 2019, were held in February related to COVID to support our2020. The Awards were once again a tremendous success, members.highlighting the commitment of the Victorian sporting community. In hindsight, we were lucky to have this Since the middle of March there has been many newcelebration for sport before COVID-19. activities related to COVID. Both myself and Anthony BowdHeld at Marvel Stadium, the event is hosted in partnership sat on a Return to Play Panel with sport and recreation andwith the State Government of Victoria and continues to go DHHS staff to review sports Return to Play plans. We havefrom strength to strength. This year we had a record number held weekly calls with sports to support them during COVIDof nominations and it was fantastic to have Peter Thomson times, worked with VicHealth and La Trobe University onAO CBE presented posthumously with the Outstanding a COVID focused series of events around Doing SportContribution to Sport Award. Differently and we have also spent many hours liaising with SRV to advocate and support the sporting sector.Vicsport acknowledges the support of its preferred I would like to thank the board, staff and members for theirsuppliers and partners. These partners support Vicsport and ongoing support during these challenging times.stakeholders by providing essential services to deliver sport. We continue to work with partners to provide information Once again, we welcomed a new Minister in the past year.and resources to our members. Welcome to the Hon. Ros Spence MP who has taken on theThe Vicsport team has worked hard in partnership with community sport portfolio from The Hon. Martin Pakula. IVictorian sport to enhance capability and capacity of the would like to formally thank the Hon. Ros Spence for herindustry. Thank you to Anthony Bowd, Maryanne Cabral, support during the COVID pandemic. The Minister beganTom Dixon, Bronwyn Humphrys, Fiona Jones and Grant her new portfolio as COVID started and has offered fantasticRichardson.support and funding for the community sports industry. Visits to sports and events continued early in the financialThank you to the Vicsport board for their support and year and obviously were interrupted later in the year. guidance to the staff over the past year. Special thanks to board members who left the board at the 2019 AGMPartnership work has continued with many sports and RSAsRichard Amon and Andrew Walton.alongside SRV and VicHealth in the past year.With a challenging end to the year, it has been a privilege The focus of the work with SRV has included: femaleto work in partnership with members, SRV, VicHealth and professional development through the LEAP leadershipVicsport staff to ensure that more Victorians can enjoy the program, sport for all abilities, diversity and inclusion,many benefits of sport and recreation.mandatory board quotas, member protection, child safe standards and bespoke 1:1 support for many sports.In partnership with VicHealth, Vicsport has supported sports through programs such as the Innovation Lab and Doing Sport Differently to promote innovation in program deliveryLisa Hasker / CEOand increasing physical activity along with work to harnessVICSPORTthe issues faced by sport including a focus on LGBTIQ+ inclusion. 03'