b'STRATEGICOVERVIEWABOUT VICSPORT 20212025 STRATEGIC PLANVicsport is the peak body for sport and active In 2021, Vicsport outlined a new recreation in Victoria. Vicsport represents and strategic plan for 20212025 that supports its members so they may work to details the leadership role Vicsport encourage Victorians to enjoy the many benefits will undertake as we navigate the impacts of COVID-19 and the that sport and active recreation provide. changes in the sporting landscape more broadly.For over three decades, Vicsport has provided Vicsport was very fortunate to have guidance, advice and support to its members andTim Burke from SRV on secondment the broader sporting community.to consult with stakeholders and support the process of developing a new Strategic Plan for Vicsport during the year.To realise our vision for a thriving Victorian sports industry, Vicsport will focus on advocating for the needs of our members and providing member support and capacity building services. Increasing our voice and that of our members, Vicsport will employ a data-driven approach to influence sport policy and industry investment while remaining committed to our role as a critical friend of government.Vicsport will strengthen the capacity of our members with services to support good governance, share knowledge, develop workforces, engage participants and enhance experiences while investing in the growth and development of Vicsport to ensure we can deliver on this plan.P04|Vicsport Annual Review 20/21'