b'ORGANISATIONSUPPORTVICSPORT GUIDING SPORTROWING VICTORIA CONSULTANCY PROJECTS PROJECTSDeveloped a framework to profileCOMPLETED the sport of rowing in Victoria withThe following projects were undertaken The following projects werea view to informing future facilityby Vicsport in a fee-for-service capacity selected by Vicsport and SRVdevelopments. across the 2020-21 year. through an Expression ofSQUASH & RACQUETBALL Interest process in DecemberVICTORIA LITTLE ATHLETICS VICTORIA 2019. The projects continuedDeveloped Volunteer Managementfor 18 months through to JuneReview the current formatPolicyof squash and racquetball 2021. Successful organisationscompetitions and programs toDeveloped Complaints Handlingreceived consultation supportmodernise the value proposition and Dispute Resolution Policy.from Vicsport for a low fee ofof both sports.10% of the total project value. VICTORIAN AMATEUR FOOTBALL TABLE TENNIS VICTORIA ASSOCIATIONDEAF SPORTS RECREATIONUsing a human-centred designReturning Officer for the AnnualVICTORIA process to engage the large baseGeneral Meeting- Election of of casual table tennis players Directors.Governance development support to understand existing practices inand develop ideas for newdeaf sport clubs. digital products to expand EQUESTRIAN VICTORIATTVs audience. Board Induction & Governance Provided a business case to Training.develop specific resources toULTIMATE VICTORIAsupport and improve volunteer training, including strategicSupported UV affiliated clubs byKARATE VICTORIA planning, roles and responsibilitiesunderstanding their development requirements Reviewed the current child safe of committees. sport practices in place within Karate Victoria and affiliated membersReviewed the membership and ICE SPORTS VICTORIA participation opportunitiesDevelop a framework and actionavailable to clubs and provided Provided each of the four memberplan to address the Child Safe sports boards under the umbrellarecommendations for future clubStandards.of ISV with strategies and resourcessupport and programs.to achieve and maintain the 40%CALISTHENICS VICTORIAWomen on Boards Quota VOLLEYBALL VICTORIA Reviewed the current child safe Review the current child safe sport Developed a Succession Plan forsport practices in place within practices in place within Volleyball the ISV board. Victoria and provide guidance toCalisthenics Victoria and affiliated KARATE VICTORIA inform and resource affiliates inmembersimplementing the Victorian ChildDevelop a framework and actionDeveloped strategic plan for plan to address the Child Safe Safe Standards.2020-2024 Standards and support members. Reviewed and developedWEIGHTLIFTING VICTORIA governance policies andUsing human-centered designFOOTBALL VICTORIA procedures for the Executiveto explore ways to make events Online child safe sport workshop for Committee. more fun and engaging to aidthe FV Female Football Network.the recruitment and retention of PONY CLUB VICTORIAparticipants and volunteers. BULOKE SHIRE COUNCILUnderstand member needs andDoing sport differently workshopexpectations through consultation,for local club committee members.developing a suite of strategies to increase participation rates,HOBSONS BAY CITY COUNCILespecially of boys who areDoing sport differently workshop underrepresented in membership.for local club committee members.NILLUMBIK SHIRE COUNCILChild safe sport workshop for localclub committee members.P14|Vicsport Annual Review 20/21'