b'ANNUAL REVIEWCHIEF EXECUTIVE 20 21OFFICERS MESSAGEAs the COVID-19 situation hasThank you to the SRV team,The Victorian Sport Awards, continued into 2021, VicsportVicHealth, Regional Sport Victoria,recognising performances and has maintained projects andLander and Rogers and the Victoriancontributions during 2020, have been member support as well asInstitute of Sport for their supportpostponed due to COVID-19 and will on these calls. A particular thanks tobe completed online before the end focusing on COVID-19 specificthe COVID-19 team at SRVKeddieof 2021. support for the sports industry.Davis, Eugene Henry and Louise I would like to thank theAtwood. Your support and counselVicsport acknowledges the support of Vicsport board and membershas been amazing. its preferred suppliers and partners. These partners support Vicsport for their ongoing support duringPartnership work has continuedand stakeholders by providing these challenging times.with SRV and VicHealth in the pastessential services to deliver sport. year with most projects and eventsWe continue to work with partners to A particular thanks to the Vicsporttransferring online with success.provide information and resources staff who have worked remotelyThe focus of project work with SRVto our members. Many partners while maintaining project tasks andhas included: female professionalhave provided specific help during member support. Thank you todevelopment through the LEAPCOVID-19 that has enabled sports to Anthony Bowd, Maryanne Cabral,leadership program, sport for allget through difficult times. Tom Dixon, Bronwyn Humphrys,abilities, diversity and inclusion,With another challenging year it has Fiona Jones, Grant Richardson andmandatory board quotas, memberbeen very encouraging to see all Meredith Hodson. protection, child safe standards andsports as well as SRV and VicHealth Thank you to the Hon. Ros Spencebespoke 1:1 support for many sports. work together to support the sport for her continued support duringIn partnership with VicHealth,and recreation industry.the COVID-19 pandemic. The manyVicsport has continued to support COVID-19 funding rounds for survival,sports through programs such as facilities and cancelled events havethe Innovation Lab and Doing Sport enabled sports to survive and supportDifferently to promote innovation their leagues, associations and clubsin program delivery which has been in difficult times.critical during COVID-19. A focusLisa Hasker / CEOCOVID-19 support and advice hason developing a Rainbow RoadmapVICSPORTbeen a big part of our day-to-dayfor LGBTIQ+ inclusion has been a work in 2020 and 2021. COVID-19particular highlight. calls with the sports industry haveVicsport has also been working with continued on a fortnightly basis withsports, RSAs and LGAs on other the translation of rules and supportprojects including: the CEO Forum, of SSA staff being crucial duringbespoke projects in governance, this time. The uncertainty and thestrategic planning and child safe as ever-changing rules have providedwell as networking and education many challenges. Vicsport has beenevents. in constant contact with Government and SRV in particular to translateThe special interest groups have rules, provide advice and lobby forcontinued in the areas of finance, the opening of sport.coaching, participation, marketing, junior sport and child safety. Vicsport Annual Review 20/21|P03'