b'THE YEARIN REVIEWADVOCACYCHILD SAFETYVicsports work in 2020-21 included the release of new child safe Vicsport continues to provide leadership and advocacy forresources, including child safe the ongoing implementation of the Child Safe Standardsguides for teens and parents, an in sport and recreation settings. This included theeSafety guide and updated resources promotion of new and updated resources on the Childaddressing responding and reporting Safe Sport resource hub on the Vicsport website,to child safe incidents, child safe advice and support to professionals and volunteersrecruitment practices and appropriate conduct when working with children by phone, email or face to face meetings,and young people. presentations and Q&A at industry and club development forums and the promotion of keyThe Vicsport Child Safe Help Desk child safeguarding messages to the industry. supported over 20 organisations across the year providing advice and support in the areas of risk assessments, complaint management, privacy and resources.Our ongoing communications across the sport sector ensure provision of updates to key child safe contacts. This is even more important as we prepare for 11 new Child Safe Standards from 1 July 2022.Vicsports Community of Practice continues to be well received with over 120 attendees joining the 3 online sessions throughout the year. This provided opportunities for child safe leads to connect with each other and ensure learnings and strategies are shared amongst the sporting community. P08|Vicsport Annual Review 20/21'