b'ANNUAL REVIEWTHE YEAR 20 21IN REVIEWINNOVATION INSIGHTS DOING STRATEGY CONNECT & SUPPORT FOR LEADERSDIFFERENTLY SERIES PARTICIPATION NETWORKVicsport partnered with globalVicsport organised a series of threeTo bring the Doing Sport Differently innovation leaders Strategyzerinteractive, online workshops forprinciples to the industry in a to deliver an innovation insightspresidents and board directors ofpractical and regular fashion, Vicsport session for senior sport leaders.member organisations regardingdeveloped the Connect & Support The workshop was facilitated bythe role of directors in planning andParticipation Network in partnership Frederic Etiemble, Associate Partnermanaging strategy for new marketswith the Centre for Sport and Social at Strategyzer and co-author of theirand exploring ways of doing sportImpact, La Trobe University. The recent book The Invincible Company.and strategy differently. Network convened via zoom once a The session covered key insights The workshops were facilitatedmonth, with each session focusing from their research into successfulby Kate Palmer AM, a highlyon a topic that aligned with at least innovative companies around theexperienced sport administratorone of the VicHealth Doing Sport world including: the differenceand former CEO at Sport AustraliaDifferently principles. Across the six between exploring and exploiting inand Netball Australia. Attended bysessions held in 2020-21, 73 different business, aligning conversations byover 100 participants, the workshopsorganisations attended.The Network defining three types of innovation,were highly valuable and providedcreated an online space for attendees the importance of testing ideas, andkey insights into doing strategyfrom SSAs, LGAs, RSAs and other how to create an innovation culture.differently. peak bodies to collaborate and learn The workshop was attended by 35from each other.senior leaders in sport, includingSession #1 - 2 December, 2020 -board directors, CEOs and generalDoing Sport (Strategy) Differently SPORT PROGRAM DESIGN managers from SSAs and RSAs. HeldLa Trobe University Centre forRESOURCESin April 2021, COVID-19 conditions provided the chance to hold thisSport & Social Impacts Director,In partnership with VicHealth, workshop at the MSAC ChampionsProfessor Matthew Nicholson andVicsport developed four resources Room. Research Fellow, Dr Erica Randleto assist sport organisations with unpacked how board directors can develop sound strategies using thethe design and development of DOING SPORT DIFFERENTLYdoing sport differently principles. new or existing sport programs and products. The resources covered the Vicsports partnership withSession #2 - 11 February, 2021 -following topics: VicHealth continued with a focusInnovation Inception: 3 Ideas to on the promotion of the DoingUnlock the Minds of Leaders Financial viability Sport Differently principlesaDelivery channelsFeatured Frederic Etiemble,set of six high level principlesAssociate Partner at Strategyzer,Market research guiding the design and deliveryoutlined how directors can use theConducting surveysof sport programs for less activeexplore vs exploit portfolio model people, developed by VicHealthto develop innovation strategies. The resources will be released to the in partnership with the La Trobeindustry in late 2021.University Centre for Sport and SocialSession #3 - 25 February, 2021 - Impact. Doing Strategy Differently in PracticeVicsport took on a leading role inAn interactive session, led by organising networking sessions, forums and workshops to assistKate Palmer, unpacking how members to utilise the principles anddirectors can apply doing sport apply them practically to their work. differently principles and best practice innovation to strategy development and organisational culture.Vicsport Annual Review 20/21|P11'