b'CHAIRS MESSAGEThere is always a mixed sense of relief and apprehension asA big thank you to our preferred suppliers and partners in we conclude another year. particular:Relief that another cycle has been successfully completed,Sport and Recreation Victoriawith more initiatives delivered for the betterment of theVicHealthVictorian sports community, but apprehension as weAED Authorityrecognise the challenges ahead and the work still to beAFL SportsReadydone. Bunnings TradeCentre for Sport and Social Impact, La Trobe University The team at Vicsport, led by Lisa Hasker, has once againDeakin Universityproved its worth through the delivery of key initiatives in theetrainuareas of: sport for all abilities, member protection, integrity,Gallagherdiversity and inclusion, child safety, innovation as well asGameDaynetworking and education events for the entire VictorianHR Advice Onlinesports industry. Involve CreativeThe 2022 Victorian Sports Awards in June was a greatISCsuccess, capped by the recognition of the great NealeLander and RogersDaniher AO in the deserved State Government OutstandingLeasexpressContribution to Victorian Sport Award.My Sport LivePolytanAs always, we are delighted to have the support of SRV andProud 2 Play VicHealth and we thank them both for their support andrebelcommitment to Vicsport. We look forward to continuingSouthern Cross Trophiesto work with the Hon. Ros Spence and Dr. Sandro DemaioSports Accounting Australiaand their teams at SRV and VicHealth respectively to workSports Marketing Australiatowards our mutual goals of increasing the physical activitySportspeople Recruitmentlevels, well-being and sporting involvement of all Victorians. VAILOVictorian Responsible Gambling FoundationI would like to extend my special thanks to all my fellowVictoria Universityboard members and the entire team at Vicsport.View MelbourneIn addition to being my first year as Chair of Vicsport, thereFinally, sincere thanks to our members for your ongoing were also a number of new Directors who joined the boardsupport and contribution. which has led to a healthy and creative new dynamic. We exist because of you, and for you. I know you are a I thank them for their enthusiasm and input as we look toresilient and committed grouptogether, we will make the the next stage in the evolution of Vicsport and the widerbest of the resources made available to us to grow sport in sporting and social landscape it supports. Victoria.Thank you.Ritchie Hinton Chair, Vicsport02'